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At Alpha Wolves Kickboxing, our group fitness classes are designed around a training system using the best methods for body fat loss, strength and athletic development, cardiovascular health and overall wellbeing.

We have developed 3 training systems: Alpha Muay Thai, Alpha Strength and Alpha Spartan (our NEW class), which rotate each day and throughout the week. Members have the flexibility of choosing how they train on any given day, which will align with their personal fitness goals. Our 3 classes are designed to consistently evolve and challenge your current fitness level as well as keeping your body guessing.

As a great man once said “The definition of insanity is doing something over and over again and expecting a different result” – Albert Einstein. We understand that this is not a concept our members need to achieve their peak fitness and physical goals. Our classes are specifically designed to avoid fat loss plateaus and to keep motivation high for our members to succeed, while learning a new skill (or refining an old one) in a fun and safe environment.

Although we train as a team at Alpha Wolves, our highly-experienced trainers are available to work with you to support your individual needs and help you take your health and fitness to the next level. The Team at Alpha Wolves are dedicated to bringing a unique training experience to the Mid North Coast and becoming the Alpha in the Fitness Jungle.

Alpha Muay Thai

Alpha Muay Thai is a “partner-based” training class. Learning and refining the art of 8 limbs (Muay Thai Kickboxing) while engaging in a complete body workout. Alpha Muay Thai is a “non-contact” class and is designed around fitness rather than fight. For anyone wanting the fighter training experience as well, this class is for you – all while leaving each class 100% intact. *Whilst a partner is recommended for this class, it is not essential.

– Partner based kickboxing using: Thai pads/focus mitts/kick shields/heavy bags etc.

Alpha Strength

Alpha Strength is a high intensity strength and conditioning class focusing on cutting edge functional training styles using the best methods for body fat loss, strength and fitness gains. We have taken the elements from your typical gym, crossfit box and circuit training studios and combined the best of each into our Alpha Strength class.

Functional training using: Bodyweight/weights/kettlebells/ropes/sleds etc.

Alpha Spartan

Our New Class, Alpha Spartan is an advanced Strength & Conditioning class.

Not for the faint hearted, a complete workout for those wanting to push the limits of their training.

Personal Training/1-on-1 Kickboxing

At Alpha Wolves we offer personalised training programs to help you reach your fitness goals faster. 45 minute Personal Training and 1-on-1 kickboxing sessions can be booked by calling 0407 557 080.

Our Platinum and Founding Membership options include a weekly personal training or one-on-one kickboxing class. Alternatively, sessions can be purchased individually for $70 or save by buying a block of 6 or 12 sessions.

More Information

 Junior Wolves

Junior Wolves are classes for our members (Ages 13 – 16). Much like the adult classes, they will learn the skills, movement and explosive techniques associated with Muay Thai Kickboxing, all while improving their physical fitness, stamina, mental disciple, confidence and overall wellbeing. This class is ideal for juniors who want to try something new, have never trained before or who are wanting to further develop their athletic performance to transfer to their recreational or representative club sport.

10 Weeks $150 ($15 per class) 45 Minute Class | Includes set of kids wraps Tuesday & Friday afternoons at 4:30pm-5:15pm

Alpha Pups

Alpha Pups are classes for our littlest members (Ages 8 – 12). Our class is designed to develop your young ones health & fitness in a fun, friendly and safe environment. We know every child is different and our coaches are trained in identifying strengths and weaknesses and can adapt each session for each individual child. Your child will be taught discipline, respect, manners and self-control. as well as learning valuable life skills, having fun, keeping active and developing their motion skills and coordination.

10 Weeks $150 ($15 per class) 30 Minute Class | Includes set of kids wraps Wednesday afternoons at 4:30pm-5pm

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3/27 Craft Close, Toormina NSW 2452

Alpha Wolves Kickbboxing

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