Active Kids – $100 Government Vouchers Available for Alpha Wolves Kickboxing Classes
Let your kids join the Alpha Wolf Pups at AWK with the Active Kids Voucher this term!

Alpha Pups are suited to ages 8-15, designed to develop your young ones health and fitness in a fun, friendly and safe environment. They will be taught discipline, respect, manners and self-control as well as keeping active and developing their motion skills and coordination. Both programs run for 10 weeks and sign-ups include a set of wraps.

Where can you find more info?
Visit – for information before you apply for a voucher. Its easy to complete an application and receive the voucher for your child within a few days.

Alpha Wolves Kickboxing logo with blue eyed wolf


Try out what Alpha Wolves has to offer for a FREE WEEK and get a feel for your fitness future.